Giant Eagle Offers Incentive and Fights Lawsuit Over Fuelperks

The new Giant Eagle incentive is similar to one offered by Sheetz.

Giant Eagle may be ending its foodperks!, but it's adding an extra incentive to use its fuelperks! program.

In its place, Giant Eagle is rolling out a new 3-cent program that gives customers extra incentive to choose GetGo over other gas stations. The program started Feb. 4.

"The new GetGo 3-cent program is simple," said Rob Borella, Senior Director of Corporate Communications. "Every time a customer scans his or her Giant Eagle Advantage Card while fueling at GetGo and isn’t redeeming fuelperks!, he or she will receive 3-cents off per gallon."

The new Giant Eagle program is similar to the 3-cents a gallon discount offered to holders of Sheetz customer loyalty cards.

At the same time, a company that helped Giant Eagle to initiate its Fuelperks program is now suing the grocer, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported. 

Excentus, a Dallas company, is alleging breach of duties, patent infringement and unfair competition in a lawsuit filed late Friday.

Click here to read the entire Post Gazette story about the lawsuit.

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